Select a foamboard designer from above to see skins designed for their planes. 

Welcome to Flite Skins!

Fliteskins is your home for printed paper liveries for foam board RC Aircraft. Now you can easily give your planes amazing details (panel lines, rivets, national insignia, you name it) without being an artist or knowing how to airbrush. All you have to do is glue and cut!
Now you can build stunning foam board aircraft from Flite Test as well as other community members like this P40:

Skins that are already available for download on the resource section of the Flite Test forums will be added soon. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail in the continental USA.

Ben Harber F16 Thunderbirds!

Ben Harber posted a video of the Thunderbirds at FliteFest 2019! I designed the skins for Ben’s awesome flying F16 last year and created the whole squadron and printed them for this event this year. Skins will be available here when I get them updated to the latest plan version (V8). Enjoy! 


More skins to come!


I will be adding more skins in the coming months. Not only will you see slightly reworked versions of the ones available for download on the Flite Test Resource page but also skins for planes from some of our very talented community builders. As you can see at the top of the page, their Flite Test screen names are already there waiting for skins. Just so you know, I always ask permission from each plan creator before posting  skin set here. I will also be sending them a free set of their planes skins as a thank you for all their hard work.

June 15th launched with announcement of FT P40 Flying Tiger livery.

June 19th Flite Test Simple Cub Classic Yellow added to site

June 22nd Flite Test Mighty Mini Scout – Aviatik D.I “Berg” added to site

June 24 Sp0nz Bloody Baron – Ernst Udet’s black Albatross added to site

June 25 Flite Test Mighty Mini P51 Mustang Old Crow added to site

June 26 Three versions of the Flite Test Mighty Mini Fokker DRI are added to the site

July 11 Flite Test Mighty Mini SE5 Billy Bishop and Lt Joseph Elwood “Child Yank” Boudwin 25th Aero Squadron added to site

Aug 17 Flite Test Simple Storch – Afrika Korp added to site


FT P51 VooDoo

Time to take the classic FT swappable sized P51 and turn it into the iconic air racer Voodoo!


FT Spitfire

This skin kit includes some modification from the original plans. A very “Spitfire like” canopy with an extended upper turtle deck is included for that ture Spitfire look. Open areas on the front and back of the fuse as well as the bottom of the wings have been extended to allow for wrapping around the edges of the foam for a cleaner look. The extra plan parts complete the skin as an entire set of plans. There are even extra plan parts to cut out that you can place them directly on the foam to mark score and reference points.

When available, the Spitfire will be 24X119 inches not including a separate complete set of plans (another 75 more inches of printed goodness) that will accompany it. That’s over 32 sq ft of printed RC warbird joy for $24 shipped to your door. That’s 75 cents a sq ft. Compare that to $5 a sq ft at FedEx. You don’t even have to leave the house!