Stephen Rosema here, aka “Rasterize” on the Flite Test forums as well as RCGroups.

I have enjoyed creating “skins” for RC planes since I started in this hobby in 2009.  If you are already familiar with my work, Great! If not, you might be wondering just what are “skins” anyway? Simply put, skins are what I call the designs I create to replace the paper on foam board planes made from dollar store foam. This dollar store foam build system to make cheap RC planes was made popular by the folks at FliteTest.com. All I am doing is giving folks an option in decorating these types of RC aircraft. You can pack a lot of wonderful detail (panel lines, rivets, national insignia, you name it) into your plane using this method.  My 33+ years’ experience in graphic design/printing and love of aviation made this a natural thing for me. To get a better idea of what I do, you can check out these Flite Test Videos:

Flite Test Video on skins. Starring me butchering the German language (Dang those German articles!) and glueing paper to foam. Yeah. Exciting. I know. 😛 


Check out the Blue Angels skins in the video bellow I did for Ben Harbors (far left) A4’s at Flite Fest 2018 starting at 2:20 in this video. I also designed the shirts. Unfortunately I could not join them but I was there in spirit!


Below is the video for the Gotha Gaggle/Gotha Bomber/Baby Brits and Barons at Flite Fest 2016 where I created over 60 skins for this event. I also helped with the Gotha bomber graphics but that was all Mr. Josh Orchards doing.