Horizontal Stabilizer / Elevator

Note: Shown is the horizontal stabilizer / elevator for the Flite Test P40. Other aircraft will be similar. Instructions are for skins with separate control surfaces skins. Don't forget to check out The Basic Build Tips Section for advice on things like "Do Remover the Paper From the Foam?" as well as other useful information.

NOTE: If you are building an earlier skin version (usually a Mighty Mini plane) that does not have separate skin pieces for elevators, ailerons or rudders, then skip Steps 6 and 7. Instead, repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second side using the instructions for the Speed Build kit. Then cut the control surfaces free (per step 4, skip step 5) and smooth the skin down into the bevel. Make sure it dose not bind the movement of the control surface. Then proceed to step 8. (Optional)