Answers to COmmon Questions

What if I mess up the skins while building or get crash damage?

Crash? Who crashes? 😛 Currently working on a patch program where you send pics of the damaged areas you want to repair and I sent you sections of the skin to do it. I’m thinking as long as the sections will fit in a standard envelope it can be done very inexpensively. Its easy recover areas with rubber cement and end up with a near invisible repair.

How do you ship?

USPS Priority Mail. Cheapest way out there to get 24X36 wide rolled papers from A to B in the continental US. All prices include shipping. Orders placed M-F typically go out the next day. Orders placed Sat & Sun typically go out the following Monday.

Are skins available for download?

Some are. Some are not. To date I have designed and provided over 70 skin designs on the Flite Test Resource page that are free to download. That number will continue to grow. Check them out at the Flite Test forum here.  However, some will only be  available in printed format from this site. Got to pay for paper and ink somehow.

Do you take something other than PayPal?

Nope. PayPal is just to safe and easy. Not planning on changing.

Do you take requests?

Sure. I just can’t guarantee it will be the next skin I do. Or even the tenth! Too many planes, too little time. But I am interested in what you would like to see. I may even offer a referral program in the future. If you suggest a livery and I do it and it sells well, I’ll send you a fee copy. Or something like that. We will have to see.

Do you ship outside the continental US?

Unfortunately no. It’s just to cost prohibitive to ship a large sheet of paper (24X36) outside  CONUS with out getting it folded or damaged.

Do you work for Flite Test?

No but I wish! I am a big fan, an Edgewater Airpark founder and have been in many Flite Test videos.

Can I have your original files?

Short answer – No. I already provide PDF’s for the free skins. I lock the PDF’s to deter (a bit) the unscrupulous. Original files are not securable. I hope you understand.

Why bother with skins? You can't see all that detail at 50ft going 40 mph anyway.

You can’t? Might want to get your eyes checked! 🙂 Just Kidding. No you can’t. But you can see it from 3 ft away when you’er showing it off to your buddies at the field. In fact just about any time it’s not flying to can admire all the detail you now have on your plane. And if it looks great at 3 ft, it will look awesome at any altitude and speed you care to fly.

Hey! The Free PDF's for the downloadable skins are locked. Can I have the password?

Short answer – Sorry no. I already provide PDF’s for the free skins. I lock the PDF’s to deter (a bit) the unscrupulous. Locking only effect editing. It should let you print. I hope you understand.