Materials, Tools and Resources

Basic Tools

Glues and Adhesives. (see below)

Cutting tools – I use an exacto for fine work and single edges razor blades for straight cutting.

Several sized metal rulers and straight edges.

A roller to make sure the glued skins stick to the foam. (here is mine)

Glues and Adhesives

3M’s Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive (or equivalent) is the primary adhesives used to glue the skins to the foam. I cut out the skin pieces I want to work with and decide how to arrange them on my foam board. I then spray the backside of the skin piece and carefully apply it to the foam. I then use a roller to make sure it makes complete contact with the foam. You can use an old credit card or hotel room key but I find the roller far superior.

Contact adhesive (rubber cement) for doing edge treatment , repairs and any time I don’t want glue to show such as the bottom flap to the turtle decking.
Glue stick is also used in some instances in repair and with delamination issues although I prefer the rubber cement.

Hot glue of course!

Always use good quality band names. The dollar store is great for foam, not for glue.