Flite Test Mighty Mini P51 Mustang Old Crow


Flite Test Mighty Mini P51 Mustang Old Crow


FT MM P51 Old Crow Skins



“Bud” Andersons P51 Mustang “Old Crow” Clarence Emil “Bud” Anderson (born January 13, 1922) is a retired officer in the United States Air Force and a triple ace of World War II. During the war he was the highest scoring flying ace in his P-51 Mustang squadron. This was the same squadron as well known test pilot (and first pilot to break the sound barrier) and ace Chuck Yeager, and they have remained lifelong close friends.[1] Towards the end of Anderson’s two combat tours in Europe in 1944 he was promoted to major at 22, a young age even for a highly effective officer in wartime. After the war Anderson became a well regarded fighter test pilot, and a fighter squadron and wing commander. He served his wing commander tour in combat in the Vietnam War. He retired as a full colonel in 1972, after which he worked in flight test management for McDonnell Douglas. A member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame, Anderson has remained a sought after speaker at aviation and military events well into his 90s.

Skin Kit Includes:

(1) 24X42 Skin Sheet for FT MM P51 Old Crow

(1) 24X33 Printed plans. A complete plan set for reference.

Power Pack Compatibility:

Power Pack A – Great lower power option for easier control.

Power Pack F – Improved output power for faster speeds and advanced flyers.


Weight: 5.5 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 24.5 Inches (622mm)
Center of Gravity: 1 Inch (25mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 12 Degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%


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Please Note: Photographs depict a fully build RC aircraft using the skins. You are not purchasing a complete RC aircraft kit nor a speed build kit of any sort. It is only the printed paper coverings and plans. Nothing else is included or implied.