Flite Test Simple Cub Classic Yellow


Flite Test Simple Cub Classic Yellow




Take to the skies in these classic cub colors! Skin kit includes a full set of plans, extra parts to complete the build and extra options for skinned wheels. Extra ailerons skins included to facilitate 3 channel to 4 channel conversion. Floats and bombs included in the plans but not skinned.

Power Pack Compatibility:



Wingspan: 38 Inches (956mm)​
Center of Gravity: 1.75 Inches (45mm) from the leading edge of the wing (Recommended)​
Control Surface Throws: 12-16 Degrees​
Expo Suggestions: 30%​


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Please Note: Photographs depict a fully build RC aircraft using the skins. You are not purchasing a complete RC aircraft kit nor a speed build kit of any sort. It is only the printed paper coverings and plans. Nothing else is included or implied.